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Midwest Flatwork utilizes a Ligchine International boom operated laser screed machine. Our 3D remote controlled screed allows the operator to move safely at ground level, access small spaces and is light enough to run safely on heat tubing and reinforcing bar. 

Benefits of Laser Screed Leveling Technology:

  • Fast - the boom completes 200 sq. ft. per pass

  • Productive - decreases labor costs

  • Precise - accurate flatness and levelness

  • Efficient - requires less framework

  • Advanced - utilizes 3D and laser technology

  • Compact - unit can operate in small spaces and will fit through a 6 ft. high door

  • Quality - improves concrete strength

Screedsaver Max Pro Dimensions:

Width - 6' 4"

Height - 4' 6"

We are available for your flatwork leveling.  With over 30 years combined experience in the field of concrete, we will complete your job with skilled accuracy, efficiency and professionalism. 

Midwest Flatwork is based in Burlington, IA and Fort Madison, IA. We are able to travel within the Midwest to assist with your concrete placement. Please contact us for pricing. 

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